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Welcome to the ScoreMaster Bowling Scoring website. This scoring system developed by D&K electronics b.v. was specially designed to automatically visualize the score in open play bowling on large high resolution LCD monitors in your bowling center. Together with our new revolutionary airOsetter string pinsetter this is the most ideal composition.
The scoring system is compatible with most of the popular string pinsetters available on the market and the install is very easy. Packed with fun and excitement for virtually anyone of any age it has a complete library of cartoon style animations and video style backgrounds.

Bowling in your center will even be more fun with the airOsetter pinsetter!

Up to 10 players per lane are displayed to visualize the actual player's score. The system also includes many Games for fun bowlers and children with bumper control. The simple user interface and the optional RDS front desk software for pinsetter startup, printing, uploading player names and playtime to the consoles will be very helpful.
The standard setup has wide screen 40 inch or up to 55 inch LCD Monitors. These "stand-alone" systems for 2 lanes communicates via ethernet to our optional Linux based management and reservation RDS system.
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Bowling Scoring
Let your guests choose their favorite background
Realtime visualization of the pins
Bowling Scoring System

LCD TV Monitors/Flatscreens

High Resolution Animated Graphics

Kids Friendly (bumper control)

Games (animated kids bowling)

Remote Desk System via LAN

Multilingual Menu Option
Animated 3D Graphics
2015/2016 Pinsetter:

* D&K has developed a brand new revolutionary pinsetter for bowling on air pressure.
The airOsetter (TM)
This new machine uses low air pressure only and is therefore very safe to use.
In accordance with international regulations this new unique system is also designed to be highly energy efficient.

*  Also available: Ball Elevators on air pressure, hood and ball return rack.

The airOsetter (TM) system

*    Low energy consumption
*    Easy to install
*    Almost No maintenance cost
*    2 Years Warranty*
*    300+ already installed
2016/2017 New Products:

* D&K developed a new QWERTY keyboard for the ScoreMaster  system.